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The Upton Group, LLC: Insurance for Franchisees, Domino's Pizza

How We Started

Former Domino's Pizza franchisee Jason Upton established The Upton Group. He began his first career with Domino's at the age of 16.

While working for Domino's as a pie maker, he would leverage to MIT, General Manager, and become a franchisee for 17 years operating in six locations.

He founded The Upton Group in 2010, committed to helping franchisees around the U.S. Jason learned much from being in the Domino's Pizza family. Among the significant lessons guiding him as he moves forward is The Golden Rule - to treat others as you want them to do unto you.

We have a simple but powerful Mission Statement to "Help Franchisees." The company's ultimate goal is to provide insurance for franchisees suitable to their needs and preferences.

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Its banner, "Managing Risks, Providing Solutions," sums up the quality of service and protection The Upton Group delivers. People who formerly worked for Domino's are the same team members.

We tirelessly work daily to help protect their investments. We want the best insurance for franchisees. The company accommodates inquiries, presents our insurance offer, and gives insurance quotes. We do more than sell insurance.

We provide independent advice and recommendations, particularly when clients have other preferences. This ensures The Upton Group's commitment to helping others identify the insurance company/ coverage they need. Its core is to assist Domino's Pizza franchisees genuinely, not for profit alone.

Serving Domino's in All 50 States!

We serve as customers' year-round partner, not just simple insurance provider.

Our mission at The Upton Group is to provide the ultimate protection that franchisees need and advocate to acquire the best terms at a fair and competitive premium.

Jason and his team of insurance professionals are dedicated to giving clients all the services, such as insurance certificates, adding or dropping locations, the claims process, or helping with additional coverages.

Jason is available 24/7, taking emails and or calls. You may contact him through his mobile number: 256 – 738 – 6752; his email is dominospizza@mindspring.com.

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